Laru Festival-(Glu-rol) Tongren Free Allbrary bupabopi China 12

Laru Festival

People of heights Tibetans are a people of heights, with a territory that spreads over the Tibetan plateau, also covering the provinces of Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai. It is there, where the land begins to rise, where inhabits this proud and hardened people. To the southeast of Qinghai Province is Tongren County, Regong…

Tonle Sap the hart of Cambodia Free Allbrary bupabopi 5

Tonle Sap

April, full moon. It is the Khmer New Year. The roaring of the locals’ boats floods out the night noises: the electronic music of the not so distant parties, the neighbor’s conversations, the small waves breaking against the bamboo rafts that keep households afloat.