Eri Griffin Illustrations for bupa bopi t-shirts

Eri Griffin

He is a professional freelance commissioned illustrator and artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Specialised in black and white ink illustration with pen and brush strokes.

Eri’s work has been published in many books and magazines from major publishers in the UK such as Penguin Books and The Folio Society and he’s been also commissioned to draw illustrations for music CD album covers and related products.

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Jason Pym

British artist Jason Pym has exhibited in the UK, America and China, and illustrated for Penguin Books, Time Out and Financial Times’ magazine. A long-term resident in China, for the last ten years he has made his home in Dali, Yunnan province, where the landscape and history have made a rich subject for his paintings.

Jason works primarily in watercolours, also employing inks, pencils, acrylics and other media. He is largely self-taught, taking inspiration from Western artists such as Peter de Sève and Josh Kirby, as well as Chinese artists including Xie Yousu (谢友苏) and Ye Yuzhong (叶毓中). His artistic aim is to communicate the joy and fascination in simple human experience, whether that be a walk in the woods or a busy market, drawing attention to the often overlooked details of day to day life.

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Jason Pym Illustrations for bupa bopi stories