Bupa Bopi alludes to the beauty of strength, fearlessness, not fear of losing one’s protective bark. Because losing this allows us to reveal a more permanent beauty: the essence.

As the beautiful carob tree forests of our land, where the carob tree proudly shows its new red skin, so bright, in those parts of the trunk where they have extracted the spongy gray bark.

In Chinese, the carob tree is precisely called “bupa bopi de shu” (不怕剥皮的树),

the tree who is not afraid to lose its bark.


Documentary: Agen is a popular medicine healer who collects most of his remedies in the forests of Yunnan, a province in Southeast China famous for its diverse ethnicities and medicinal herbs.

After collecting and gathering what he needs, he goes to all regional markets and sells his remedies to all those willing to believe his claims.