Ivo Hardies

Lives in Dali (China). After studying Film and Photography, she went to study foreign languages in Antwerpen and Viena. Knowing her talent in foreign languages, she pursues a BA Degree in Translation in the University of Granada, where she starts learning Chinese. After graduation she earns a scholarship to study in the University of Beijing, where she improves her Chinese and graduates with a Master Degree in Cultural Anthropology.

She fell in love with China. Her nature always allowed her to blend in perfectly. She married a Chinese, had a daughter, Yun (who has her own section, “Our Cloud”), divorced, and moved to Dali with her daughter. There she works as a freelance translator, writes and makes ethnographic documentaries.

Lynn Hardies

She finished International Secretarial studies, but hardly ever worked in that field. Her passion for sports and photography made her work for 6 years in a ski station, complementing the winter season with summer jobs as courier guide for groups in the Netherlands and France.

Her curiosity for Film and Photography made her work as freelance in the fields of Casting, Production and Camera Assistant in the making of advertisements and music videos, as well as fixed photography for famous photographers, like Eugenio Recuenco.

She currently lives in Málaga, her hometown, where she works as freelance photographer.

The passion these sisters share for travelling and discovering new places and cultures, as well as the love they feel for narration and image, made them work together on this more personal project. A sample of experiences and interests, that you will hopefully like!

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